Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Lovely Letter of Support.

The Library recently received these very lovely words about our 2007 "Marley & Me" Burbank Reads program. We thought that we'd share them with you!

Submitted by Marva Murphy, Burbank resident

Like an excited child selecting its first bicycle, I was eager to get into my car and start driving. I was headed to Central California via Interstate 5. To be sure, it wasn’t the monotony of miles and miles of fields along the interstate that caused me to bubble with anticipation, but the forthcoming opportunity to participate in Burbank Reads. You see, I checked out the audio CD of Marley & Me, written and read by John Grogan.

With a newly purchased container of ice cold soda, some munchies and 200 miles of Interstate ahead, I inserted the first CD in my car player and headed North. For the next three hours, I giggled, laughed out loud, wiped away tears and empathized with the author while getting to know Marley and his family.

I was in Central California to attend a seminar. It was a most productive event, but all the while, I kept thinking about Marley and wondering what would come next. I couldn’t wait until I was back in my car so I could hear author Grogan read to me and share the adventure that was life with Marley.

The luxury of sitting in a comfortable chair and burying myself in a book escapes my current lifestyle. Fortunately, the Burbank Library has seen fit to purchase Marley & Me in audio CD and large print to enable residents to participate in Burbank Reads in whatever fashion suits them best.

For this I am thankful, for I have now heard the entire book of Marley & Me. I thoroughly enjoyed my little sojourn, and the lessons learned.

Thank you to the Library staff and City of Burbank for bringing Burbank Reads to the community and introducing me to Marley.

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