Tuesday, March 4, 2008

After Rocket Boys...

If you've already finished our Burbank Reads selection, don't fret! For those who were sad to leave the Coalwood boys behind, you will be as delighted as I to discover that Homer "Sonny" Hickam actually wrote several memoirs. The next in this series of sorts is The Coalwood Way, which takes us back to his senior year. At first I was wary, thinking "No, I want to know what happens next". Well, there was more to this West Virginia mining town than the launching of rockets. When you read between the lines of the first story, as it were, and drill down further into the life of this boy and town during a particularly tumultuous period, the miracle of rocket flight will mean even more to you. What happens when a young man is searching for the cause of his sadness, the town rails against the Hickam family, and even murder finds its way into this close-knit community? Pick up The Coalwood Way and find out! Look for a review of Sky of Stone, the final book in this saga, in the coming weeks. I'm giving you all a chance to catch up. You're welcome.

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