Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Program Recap - 5...4...3...2..1...Write On!

Write On!

On Tuesday, March 25th, we had 23 present for our unique journal writing program for students in grades 4-6. Each child received a free blank journal, a pen and some Burbank Reads surprises. After a fun group writing game during which we created some humorous nonsensical stories and broke the ice, we rotated between four enjoyable activity stations. Kids had the chance to decorate their journals, create a word collage, fill out interesting surveys about themselves, and work on writing prompts that they picked out from a “jar ‘o ideas”. The end result was a bunch of happy, creative kids and an impressive start to some personal journals…oh, and a whole lot of glitter everywhere! No one wanted to leave…in fact, many stayed for some time after the program in order to continue working on their journals. On their way out the door, each student took home a special packet of writing ideas, and some checked out writing books that were put on display. Nearly all participants filled out interest cards for another writing program to be held at the library. (There are also requests from parents to hold a similar program for younger students.) In the words of one participant, “Do it again! It was fantastic. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” Umm, I guess that means that we should start planning for another creative writing event!

Write on or Right on indeed!

Thanks to Jennifer for the recap.

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