Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Rocket Boys" Souvenirs

If you are headed out to our meet retired astronaut, Vance Brand program at 2 PM at Buena Vista today, don't forget your checkbook and stop by our for sale table because whether you call it...

Souvenirs, swag, bling, booty, goodies, gifts, trinkets, remembrances, plunder, mementos, collectibles or matter what you call them you'll find the above items for sale at all Rocket Boys events [except film and Children's programs]. Do your shopping early. Proceeds from sales go to the Friends of the Burbank Public Library and will help fund next year's Burbank READS program.
  • Rocket Pins $2

  • Souvenir Bookmarks $3

  • Water Bottles $4

  • "October Sky" aka "Rocket Boys" Paperback Books $5

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