Saturday, February 9, 2008

Homer Hickam said . . .

What a wonderful honor to have Rocket Boys chosen for Burbank Reads! The book has been picked by hundreds of cities as their annual read but I have to say being selected by Burbank is especially meaningful. I am often in the area and have always admired your sweet city.

If I may, I would suggest you contact a couple of local folks to perhaps come by and chat at one of your gatherings: Chuck Gordon who produced October Sky and now heads up Daybreak Productions, and Mickey Freiberg of the Acme Agency who was and is my agent and steered my book to Universal Studios. Not sure if they're vailable but you never know. Of course, you can also see if Jake Gyllenhaal is in town, too! Yes, the movie is quite a bit different from the book but the people who made it definitely had their hearts in the right place and made very good film, one I'm proud to be associated with.

To contact me, just go to and go to the Contact Us page.

Thanks again and best wishes for a successful Burbank Reads!

Homer Hickam
February 8, 2008 11:48 AM