Thursday, February 7, 2008

Joslyn Book Club to Chat about "Rocket Boys".

Attention all members of the Joslyn Book Club, a reminder to be ready to discuss “Rocket Boys” at your meeting on February 11.

Here are some questions about "Rocket Boys" for your consideration.

1. In the first paragraph of the book, Homer writes that his hometown was “at war with itself over its children.” What does he mean?

2. Could you identify with Homer’s inspiration for rockets upon hearing about Sputnik? Do you remember those times?

3. Do you think the feeling towards the space program has changed since the times referred to in this book?

4. Many of the miners root for Homer. Why doesn't Homer's Dad share his dream? Why is it easier for him to show his pride in Jim?

5. Sometimes when we look back it seems as though the 50’s were of a simpler more idyllic time in American history. Do you think this is true or just a perception?

6. Although Burbank is not as geographically isolated as Coalwood was, can you draw comparisons between the two towns? Do you think Lockheed and the studio industry made Burbank a company town to some degree?

7. How do you think aeronautics affected the town of Burbank?

8. Homer and his friends turned “scraps of metal into sophisticated rockets”. How do you think their surroundings helped or hindered their efforts?

9. Today we are surrounded by personal technology. How do you think this encourages or inhibits our creativity?

10. The quote selected for our 2008 Burbank READS bookmark is from Homer’s teacher Miss Riley when she gives him the book Principles of Guided Missile Design, “All I’ve done is give you a book. You have to have the courage to learn what’s inside it.” Is there a book that has had an impact on your life?

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