Friday, February 15, 2008

Joslyn Book Club Loves "The Rocket Boys"!

"Rocket Boys" by Homer Hickam Jr. won the hearts of the rocket girls of the Joslyn Afternoon Book Club.

The cookies and goodies were a big hit and so were the comments:

*I either choked up or cried on every page.
*Loved the juxtaposition of the bowels of the earth (mines) and the rocket to outer endless space.
*We heard the recording of the Explorer that was taped by one of the members. The longest long distant phone call. 2.6 million miles in space.
*A tribute to the education these boys received and to the excellent teachers.
*Loved the book. It touched me.
*All the people who helped to make it happen. It takes a village.
*Something for the young, parents everyone
*Movie was also excellent and a great cast* I read this ten years ago and thought I would just skim it this time but I started reading it and was so captured I was half way through before I stopped to write some notes.
* I am thinking of buying it for my grandson.
*Good role model for kids in this city. Will encourage them to follow their dreams.
*Fabulous story teller. Story of growing up. Many touching times.
* I read it twice it made me feel so good.Hooray for who ever choose this book. It is perfect.

We are pleased that it is perfect and we hope that the rest of Burbank enjoys the book as much as the Joslyn Book Club!

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