Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plug in America with speakers Alexandra Paul and Paul Scott.

Join us on Thursday, March 19 @7:00 PM at the Buena Vista Branch Library as speakers Alexandra Paul and Paul Scott from Plug in America discuss the past, present and future of electric vehicles.

· Plug In America drives change. Their mission is to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment.

· Alexandra Paul was honored in 1997 by the United Nations Environmental Program for her work in overpopulation issues and by Global Green for her environmental activism. She has been driving electric cars for 18 years.

· Paul Scott is a founding member of Plug In America, a long-time EV driver, and an advocate for renewable energy. He is the president of the Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California. He is also an involved population and environmental activist.

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