Friday, March 13, 2009

Thinking Green!

A few questions to consider while reading Living Like Ed by Ed Begley, Jr.

  1. After reading Living Like Ed, are you now more aware of how your actions affect the environment?
  2. Did you realize that you've already doing some of the things that Ed suggests in the book? What are those things?
  3. What are some of the changes you can't make right now but htat you would like to make in the future?
  4. How has "going green" actually helped you save money?
  5. Is there any area where you've attempted to be eco-friendly and failed? Are you willing to try it again in the future?
  6. What changes have you seen in your environment since you were a kid? Do you think people are more environmentally aware now?
  7. Do you believe that many people making small changes can really affect the environment?
  8. Do you think that the future looks greener?
  9. How did reading Living Like Ed change your view and/or behavior?
  10. Conserving saves money as well as the environment. Are you now more attuned to conservation?
  11. What other books have you read that influence your views on the environment?
  12. There's a big "Keep it Local" movement afoot. Do you mostly buy or sell locally? do you make or grow locally?

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